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He's Got My NumberWriters:  Earl Montgomery and Charlene MontgomeryPublisher:  Mister Magic Music, BMI

The Legend Of George Jones...........This is the song Earl wrote for the book title The Legend Of George Jone............Recorded at Wishbone Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Billy Lawson.Writers:  Earl MontgomeryPublisher:  Mister Magic Music, BMI

Hallelujah WeekendWriters:  Earl Montgomery and George JonesPublisher:  Mister Magic Music, BMI

Old MoseWriter:  Earl MontgomeryPublisher:  Mister Magic Music, BMI

To All The Little Children In The World That Suffer, And To The Ones That Have Suffered And Died!   "Caylee"Writer:  Earl MontgomeryPublisher:  Mister Magic Music, BMI

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