George Jones and Sue Richards

Recording in Sweetwater Studio in Florence, Alabama with David Bishop, Steve Nathan, Killer Oldham, Earl Peanutt Montgomery, George Jones and Sue Richards.

Others on the sessions and over dubs are Albert Lowe, Jr., Spooner Oldham, Jimbo Hart, Jason D.Greer, Donnie Carpenter, Bruce Howarth and Danny Malone.

Please click on the MUSIC button and hear the duet MP3 recording of "Tammy, I'm Sorry" by George and Sue.(C) 1980s and 2012.

Writer: Earl Peanutt Montgomery

Publisher: Mister Magic Music, BMI.

Sweetwater Records and Studio in Sheffield, Al. 35660

Any money made from this recording will go toward the building of the Tammy Wynette Memorial Museum and Park in Tremont Ms.

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