Earl Peanutt Montgomery Music Museum

505 N. Raleigh Ave.,Sheffield, Al 35660

Phone:256 248-4695.........Cell Phone:256 284-5283

Open for tours by appointment only 12:00 Noon untill 3:00 PM

Museum Tours by appointment only $8.00 Admission

Sat.night Jan.18th 7:00 PM----10:00 PM We will have Billy Lawson and Wishbone.

Sat.night Feb. 8th 7:00 PM----9:00 PM We will have The GIRLS OF MUSCLE SHOALS.

Featuring Lillian Glanton, Lori Lovelace, Marissa Luna, and Special Guest.

Admission is $10.00 for shows.

children under 10 years old are free admission.

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